Residential Campus


​At the WCC Residential Campus, we feel that our strength in providing a home away from home for our boarders is the supportive staff members who are experienced in residential care. The team  at the Residential Campus have strong links to the indigenous cultures of the Cape and the Torres Strait as well as a wealth of experience working with youth.  Students participate in many activities aimed at developing sense of belonging and skills that will benefit them for life.

From the moment that Boarding students enter WCC, they will be guided by staff that have a focus on successfully transitioning our Boarders into school life here in Weipa. Our Indigenous Transition support Officer’s meet students at the Residential Campus each morning and travel with students to the school campus in order to support them with any needs at school throughout the day.

Our chef provides healthy meal options for our students to enjoy whilst boarding at the Residential Campus. Students make their own lunch each morning from the selections offered to take to school, outside of this they are provided breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

A Day at WCC – Residential Campus

This begins with waking at 6.30am and preparing for school with showers, uniforms and a balanced breakfast and lunch menu in our dining hall at 7.00am.

Students present for roll call at 8.00am ensuring their rooms are tidy with lights and fans off. Uniform, books and lunch checks are then conducted in readiness to leave for school at 8.15am, heading out as a group with Student Support staff. Our staff continue to support the boarding students once at school in attending their form class and first lesson of the day.

Students are collected from the designated area in the afternoon by staff and return as a group to the Residential Campus just after 3.00pm. On arrival they are reminded to change out of their uniforms, have their prepared afternoon tea and head out to their chosen sports activity from 4.00pm - 5.30pm.

Once students return from Recreation, they freshen up ready for dinner at 6.00pm. Following this they head to study time 6.30pm - 7:30pm (Monday to Thursday​) where staff and teachers encourage boarders to complete their homework/assessment tasks in a supportive learning environment.

Friday evening and over the weekend, the daily routine is more relaxed - students look forward to movie nights on our big screen, shopping on Saturday mornings and fishing excursions throughout the remainder of the weekend.

All routines are monitored by our staff 24 hours, seven days per week.

Last reviewed 17 April 2020
Last updated 17 April 2020