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Resource Scheme

Western Cape College operates a Student Resource Scheme (SRS). As parents are directly responsible for providing their student with textbooks and other resources for a student's use at school, we offer this service to assist parents with a cost effective alternative to purchasing textbooks, resources, consumables and/or materials. 

The SRS enables a parent to enter into a written agreement with the College that, in return for payment of a specified annual fee, provides temporary use of prescribed textbooks and other resources for the student's use.  Resources other than textbooks may include: course ​consumables, reproduced class workbooks and worksheets and teacher prepared material which compliment and/or substitute textbooks, student planner, student ID card. 

The operation of the scheme is supported annually by the Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C), and is managed by the College. Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate.

The College operates under FNM-UP-018: Student Resource Scheme and FNM-PR-019 State Education Fees where we ask parents to pay specific subject fees (where applicable) towards the subjects/certificate courses that students elect to undertake each year and/or excellence programs with selective entry.

Year Level/Subject Resource List

A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided under the scheme as detailed on the Year level/Subject Requirement​​s List to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.

Non-participation families will then be invoiced for those materials that can only be supplied by the College eg. Photocopying, bus transport, art materials, etc.

User Pays and Subject Fees 

Sub​ject Fees:

Some secondary subjects require students to use materials to fulfil assessment requirements.  For example, in Art, students produce paintings, in Design and Technology, students design and produce a number of workshop items.   These projects become the personal property of students.  The Subject fee is for the costs of materials used in producing these items. 

User Pays:

User Pays are for external charges to the College, for example external bus hire, admission costs, guest speakers and camp fees.  Where a third party charges the school for the activity a User Pay fee is charged to the parent/guardian.  User Pays are to be balanced for each activity and a refund must be given if the amount calculated for the refund is over $10 per student (as per School Refund Policy, endorsed by the P & C Association).

Student Resource Issue

Students who have agreed to participate in the Student Resource Scheme will receive their resources/textbooks over the course of weeks 1 and 2 of the new school year.  Participation in the scheme is indicated through the completion and return of the SRS agreement, and subsequent payment of the levy.


The college will make a pro rata refund to the parent of a student who, having paid the scheme fee, completes a Request for Refund (PDF, 140 KB) Request for Refund (PDF, 140 KB) and leaves the College through the year. The pro rata refund is calculated on the fees paid, less the cost of consumed materials and the replacement cost of scheme items that are lost, negligently damaged or not returned.​​​