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Junior Secondary

At Western Cape College, we believe the success of the Junior Secondary Phase of Schooling relies on;

Forging a Distinct Identity by Creating Discrete Opportunities for Adolescent Learners 
·      Purpose-building and designating space for Junior Secondary students and Teaching Teams
·      Defining, or deliberately crossing boundaries between the Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary & Primary Phases of Schooling
·      Recognising the ‘early to mid-adolescent’ learner as being distinctly different from the ‘child’, and ‘late-adolescent’ learner
Providing Quality Teaching by developing Expert Teaching Teams
·      Establishing expert Junior Secondary Core Teaching Teams, which include Specialist & SWD Teachers
·      Aligning curriculum across subjects and year levels using collaborative planning & assessment models
·      Understanding the preferred learning styles of adolescent learners
·      Differentiating for the diverse learning needs of all Junior Secondary students
·      Consistently applying Explicit Teaching as the preferred pedagogy
Promoting Student Wellbeing by Teaching the Adolescent and the Curriculum
·      Understanding the distinct social and emotional needs of the adolescent learner, as integral to quality teaching and learning   
·      Explicitly teaching adolescents the knowledge and skills to promote personal wellbeing
·      Providing adolescents with safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments
Supporting Parent & Community Involvement by Connecting Families and Communities to Adolescent Learners
·      Educating families in the distinct needs of the adolescent child
·      Maximising opportunities for genuine parent/caregiver engagement in curriculum & assessment processes
·      Providing targeted information and support for families, beyond the school gate  
Building Leadership by Collaboratively Planning for Educational Reform 
·      Ensuring merit-based approaches to appointing expert Junior Secondary School Leaders
·      Strategically Action Planning for College-wide reform
·      Enabling the leadership capacity of Junior Secondary students